Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Plan

Those that know me know I change my mind often. So after thinking about it I decided to wait on going to San Miguel and concentrate on going to someplace I haven't been and that I could go in my RV. My first choice would be the Baja. I have heard that RV'rs love going there and there is a lot of beach to walk the dogs and lots of seafood to enjoy. Sounds like a good idea anybody been there? My only concern is getting past the border areas safely seems all border areas are dangerous these days.


Felipe said...

You won´t have any trouble going through the border areas. Trust me, and bon voyage.

Babs said...

22 million tourists come to Mexico each year and they're all fine. Plus a million of us live in Mexico and drive back and forth all the time. As Felipe says, you'll be fine.

Julia said...

I know Babs, But I worked the border in previous life and know how violent it can get at times and RVrs make a nice slow moving target. Although mostly they are left alone. Next Winter Baja :)