Thursday, December 17, 2009

Houses in the neighborhood

A store in a home a few streets over from ours.

Walls lots of walls

Newer house

More walls

This is a mixed neighborhood there are no zoning laws as far as i can tell. Next to a mansion is a huble home with chickens and maybe a horse, none of this seems to cause problems. Newer planned communities have rules and don't have the differences then again they look sterile and well....planed.


Felipe said...

You won´t find many zoning laws in Mexico, if any.

Julia said...

I am familiar enough with Mexico to understand that, however it comes as a shock to North Americans visiting Mexico. I find it interesting that at least on the surface people of differing economic levels get along. Yucatecos seem to be laid back and less agressive than say people from Mexico city which adds to the liveablity of Merida and neighboring areas.